July 10, 2019

Hideout.tv is one of the latest changes to how you can earn using Swagbucks UK.

The way that you can earn with Swagbucks UK is constantly evolving as its offer partners change. Hideout.tv is a partner of the ‘AdscendMedia’ offerwall , and gives you Swagbucks just for watching videos! It’s a great way to earn that all-important ‘Discover’ tick in your To-do list, and nudge you closer to your daily target.

Registering a Hideout.tv account

Recently Hideout.tv changed so that you need to register with them before you start earning with them. This is easy to do.

If you haven’t done so already, go to¬†Swagbucks UK and register an account. Browse to ‘Discover’, then ‘AdscendMedia’ (under ‘Sponsored Offers’).

Above the main offers you’ll see a carousel of video channels – Food, Music, etc. Click on one of these, then click the green button which appears:

Hideout.tv - registering within Swagbucks


Hideout.tv will open in a new window. Under the video a “Notice to our OfferWall Viewers” will appear – click the sign up link and follow the instructions.

Hideout.tv's registration link

You’ll need to supply a username, password, and email address: we suggest that you use a different password as to your Swagbucks account. You will receive a verification email – click on the link to verify your address.

Once you’ve verified your email, log in. A message should appear to tell you that your Hideaway.tv account has been linked with your Swagbucks account.

Watch Hideaway.tv Videos and Earn

Make sire that you log into Hideaway.tv when you visit from the AdscendMedia offerwall. You should then be able to watch videos and accrue swagbucks as a reward.

You typically need to watch 6 videos to earn 1 swagbuck, and you must make sure that you click the ‘are you still watching’ button which appears every now and again.

‘Cashing out’ from Hideaway.tv to AdscendMedia and Swagbucks

Your swagbucks are accrued in Hideaway.tv. You must ‘cashout’ to AdscendMedia by clicking the Cashout button. Your swagbucks will then be credited to your account.