About Cash Pie: what we are, and why you should read us

Welcome, and thanks for wanting to find out more about Cash Pie – a UK-based guide to reaching financial goals.

We all could do with a bit of extra money, and there are hundreds of websites and opportunities promising to make us rich.

But these don’t always live up to the hype. Sometimes they aren’t sustainable. Sometimes the reward is too little to make it worthwhile, and sometimes they’re just a scam. We’ll help you work out what’s right for you, whether it’s blogging or surveys, matched betting or selling online, doing freelance work or creating stuff.

Cash Pie will help you create an action plan to help you reach your financial goals. Planning is essential – it’s far too easy to get distracted or spend too much time failing without one.

Be warned: this isn’t a get-rich-quick or ‘easy money’ site. You’ll get rewarded for your hard work, smart thinking and creativity.

Start by taking our ‘What type of money maker are you?‘ quiz. It’s free to do, and the results will help guide you to the best opportunities for you.

Our Approach: what is it about Cash Pie?

We will help you create sustainable income streams to complement or replace traditional employment, by sharing opportunities and ideas through articles, guides, tips and stories.

Some of these are guides to specific earning opportunities, such as in our Money Sites section. Others will be about how you can approach making money online or at home.

We will try our best to tailor our guides just for you. Let us know what sort of content you’d like by doing our ‘What type of money maker are you?‘ quiz, subscribing to our free newsletter, or browsing through to specific site categories and we’ll guide you to content relevant to you.

You can do most of the opportunities here online, or from home.  We believe in creating a portfolio of income streams, so that you are protected if one or more go missing, and you can then focus on the ideas which you get the most from.

Why listen to us?

Good question! Well – you could just browse through the site and get a feel as to whether we can help you.

But since you asked, our philosophy of planning out making money stems from years of helping small and medium businesses grow. It is this about Cash Pie which sets us apart.

Cash Pie is founded by a first-class business graduate who has worked in consultancy roles for over 15 years.  Many of the strategies and tactics he has learned and enacted can be transferred directly to individuals who wish to work from home or online.

We strongly believe in working smarter, not just harder, and we’ll help you do just that.