About Cash Pie

Swagbucks is a popular ‘get paid to’ website. It is based in California in the United States but has had a UK presence for some time. Swagbucks UK doesn’t have as many opportunities for earning as the US site, but there’s still plenty of ways to earn.

You can get paid gift cards for doing a variety of things. These include watching videos, doing surveys and getting cash back on things you’d buy anyway.

In this ULTIMATE guide to Swagbucks we look whether it’s worth it and how to maximise your earnings.

Is Swagbucks UK worth the time and effort?

In this guide we will show you how to easily make £20 per month in gift cards or PayPal using the UK version of Swagbucks. You can earn money whilst do other things in many ways (as you’ll find out about), whereas others need your full attention.

Some seasoned money makers scoff at Swagbucks. They criticise it for not paying much given the time your need to put in.  We agree that the return on your time can be low – it can still be worthwhile if you approach it in the right way.

Swagbucks is worth it if you concentrate on the higher return-on-time tasks.  You can also get bonuses for completing daily tasks an reaching targets. And Swagbucks runs periodic offers to encourage you to do more, such as its spin on Bingo and Team Challenges.

To work out whether Swagbucks in the UK is worth it for you, ask yourself: What could I earn if I spent my time doing something else?

Swagbucks is also a really good way of earning cash and gift cards quickly. That’s deal if you need to build up a fund for matched betting, blogging, or other investments.

Is Swagbucks a scam?

Swagbucks UK Payouts

NO! Swagbucks is not a scam! It has paid out over £163 MILLION since it launched. Alas we’ve only seen a tiny fraction of that at Cash Pie. I’ve personally received over £1000 over a few years – in Amazon UK gift cards, but also in CASH (via PayPal or a pre-paid digital credit card).

Swagbucks does, however, rely upon partners to provide surveys and offers. You might have problems with some surveys, or completion of tasks are not reported back to Swagbucks.

This means that you can miss earnings which should be yours. Swagbucks will usually credit your points if you contact them about errors.

Is Swagbucks legit?

Yes, Swagbucks is legitimate.  It lets you earn gift cards or cash for doing surveys, tasks, searching the web, playing games and getting cash back when you buy things online.

Swagbucks earning counts as taxable income – however, you do not ned to pay any tax on the first £1000 that you you make being self employed – this is called your ‘trading allowance’. It’s unlikely that you’ll earn more than this each year from Swagbucks alone.

Can you make a living on Swagbucks?

No, you wouldn’t be able to make a living on Swagbucks alone – but it’s a fantastic way to top up other income streams.  Typically, you might make £20-30 per month with Swagbucks, with dedicated Swagbuckers earning much more. Of course, this is in gift cards – use these to buy things that you would anyway to realise the CASH reward.

Is Swagbucks worth the time?

Yes, we think that Swagbucks is worth the time – but only if you’re smart about it. Concentrate on the higher earning or ‘quick win’ ways to earn, and maximise bonuses (such as your Daily Goal, Swago, To-Do list and Team Challenges).

Doing this can make Swagbucks worth the time when you do it alongside other earning opportunities.

How do I make money on Swagbucks UK?

When you do something on Swagbucks you receive points which you can save up and redeem for gift cards. These points are called ‘swagbucks’ (hence the name!).

There are lots of ways to earn Swagbucks on the UK site. This table shows what you can typically earn for just a few minutes of your time each day:

ActivitySB Per Month£ Per Month
Answer Surveys150010.00
Play Games3002.00
Watch Videos9003.00
Daily Poll300.25
To-Do List1501.00
Daily Goals3502.30

Read on to find out how to do this…

Answer Surveys

Swagbucks UK Surveys

Answering surveys can be one of the highest ways to earn with Swagbucks – and one of the most frustrating.

Surveys come from two main sources – Gold Surveys, and Peanut Labs.  The survey panels give you the estimated time to complete and the value (in Swagbucks) of each survey. Gold Surveys lets you sort the available surveys by the number of Swagbucks that you’ll get for completing them.

Swagbucks will only credited you the full amount if you qualify for and complete a survey.  Gold Surveys will give you 1 SB for the first five surveys that you are disqualified from. Peanut Labs give a similar reward for disqualifications. It’s scant consolation for your time, but better than nothing! These 1SB mount up and contribute towards your daily goals (see below for more on this).

Shop – Get Cash back from Shops which you’d use anyway

You can get cash back on things that you buy from eCommerce stores which are listed in the Swagbucks UK store. There are many UK stores listed, including many high street favourites.

The cash back amounts vary depending upon the retailer. It could be as little as 1 SB per pound spent, or more.  It’s an effortless way to earn SB to redeem for gift cards.

Generally you will get a better return by using dedicated UK cash back websites, such as TopCashBack or Quidco. However, there are occasionally good cash back offers with Swagbucks, or offers which are not available at other cash back sites.

If you decide to make Swagbucks your default cash back website then consider linking your payment card, so that you can receive cash back for spending offline, too.

Never buy something just for the cash back – find the cheapest price, and then see if the store is in the Swagbucks shop section.

Search (and Collectors Bills)

Swagbucks UK Search Win

Using Swagbucks as your search engine is one of the easiest ways to earn!

Swagbucks has partnered with Yahoo! Search (which in turn is powered by Bing). Swagbucks are randomly awarded when you make searches.

You can make searches by visiting the Swagbucks website, or by defaulting your browser to use the Swagbucks Search engine.

You will typically get anything from 3 SB to 15 SB for a search win. Sometimes you can get a much bigger win of 25 SB or 40 SB, for example, but this is rarer.

When you get a search win you will need to enter a code to make sure that’s it’s really you using the search engine, not a robot! The code is case sensitive, so make sure that it matches exactly.

Search wins sometimes complete a square in a game of Swago, and they can be useful when you are just a few swagbucks away from reaching your daily goal.



Swagbucks has partnered with several other companies offering rewards in return for completing tasks. These are available in the Discover section. Each company page is called an ‘offer wall’.

Each offer wall has several  ways to earn, with varying rewards for them. Some are cash back offers – you will receive swagbucks as cash back when you buy something via the offer wall. Others are free, such as for signing up to a newsletter.

You will need to do a Discover task to complete your Daily To-Do List. There are usually free tasks which will get you 1 SB (enough to mark off the Discover task).

*** JULY 2018 UPDATE: No-cost Swagbucks UK Discover Tasks ***

Current free discover tasks include:

  •  OfferToro – 1 Click – Flight Search/Compare Panda Flights/Flight Haggle Compare – Click through to the offer site, and click the square flight banner advert. Complete a flight search (e.g. Heathrow to LA) and click on one of the prices. You’ll be taken to an airline site where you can book the flight. You should be credited with 1 SB for clicking through from the search.
  • AdscendMedia – Videos – Several Smores.tv and EngageMe.tv videos. Earn 1 SB for every 6 videos (and adverts) that you view. Lots to choose from, including food, entertainment and travel.


Play Games

That’s right – you can earn points for playing games on Swagbucks UK!

My favourite is Swagasaurus Run, a simple scrolling ‘run and jump’ platform game. When you launch the game, your Swagasaurus character will automatically run to the right. The only control you have is to jump – click your mouse or press space to do this.

The game ends when you hit an obstacle – a plant or sleeping dinosaur. It also ends if you run off the end of one of the platforms – you must jump over the gaps between them. You can gain extra height and distance when you jump by clicking or pressing space whilst you are mid-jump. This takes a bit of practice to get the timing right.

You supposedly get 2 SB for every other game that you play. Realistically you may need to play a few more rounds, but it doesn’t normally take long.

You can earn up to 10 SB per day and can be a very useful contribution to your daily target.


Watch Videos

Watching videos is o to earn ne of the easier ways to earn Swagbucks because you can usually do other things at the same time. There are also several ways to watch Swagbucks videos which you can do at the same time.

Swagbucks UK Apps

Swagbucks has a series of 6 apps :

  • SB TV (Swagbucks Television)
  • EntertaiNOW
  • Lifestylz.tv
  • Sportly.tv
  • Moviecli.ps
  • Indymusic.tv

Each app typically lets you earn 10 SB per day, just for watching videos. These videos are typically film trailers, lifestyle tips and music videos. Between videos, Swagbucks may play a short advertisement.

The videos automatically move on to the next, so you don’t need to tap through each one.

You can save your favourite videos in a playlist. The smart way to run these apps is to find the shortest video that you can, save it as a favourite, and loop through it. To save your phone battery turn the brightness down to the minimum. You may also want to mute media audio whilst they’re playing, too!

Occasionally a video or advert might ‘stick’. If this happens you may need to tap the ‘Next’ button.

Remember that videos will use up any data allowance that you have. We always suggest running the apps on WiFi to avoid using your more expensive mobile data. If you aren’t already on an unmetered broadband or fibre package then consider moving over to one.



App rewards for Swagbucks UK have PLUMMETED from 10 SB to 4 SB per app, per day. The Swagbucks TV app still gives 10 SB per day.

Is it still worth it? It’s getting to the point where it’s not. If you need to reach a daily target or are close to a payout threshold, then carry on. We don’t suggest that you use the apps long-term, however.


Daily Poll

Swagbucks Daily Poll

The Daily Poll is a single-question poll that takes literally seconds to do. You will receive 1SB each time you complete it, and that counts towards your daily goal.

It’s also one of the steps towards completing your to-do list, which will give you further bonus SB.


Bonus Swagbucks

Swagbucks UK offers regular bonuses which can help boost your earnings. Some of these are credited daily, some monthly, and some are offers which occasionally run.

You can sometimes ‘stack’ the bonus offers to take full advantage. Doing a survey can get you bonus points during a survey boost or cross-off a square on a Swago board, and contribute towards your To-do list and Daily Goal.

To-Do List

Everyday Swagbucks gives you a list of tasks to complete. You will receive bonus SB for completing all or most of the list. C0mpleting 5 steps will give you a bonus of around 3 or 4 SB. Completing the list will give you up to 10 bonus SB. These vary every day.

These are usually the same each day, and include:

  • Daily Poll
  • Daily Crave
  • Deal of the Day
  • Daily Search
  • Daily Watch
  • Attempt a Gold Survey
  • Complete a Gold Survey
  • Daily Discover

You only need to click through to the Deal of the Day – you don’t need to complete the deal. Likewise, you don’t need to get a ‘search win’ – just click on the Daily Search link.

Daily Watch is usually best achieved by using the Swagbucks apps (see the Swagbucks Apps section). You can do it via the Swagbucks Watch playlists – although these are often ‘buggy’ and unreliable. Another more reliable way to do it is to use the ‘Swagbutton’ Watch secction.

Attempting and completing Gold Surveys is straightforward – although note that Peanut Labs surveys usually qualify for survey completion.

Completing the Daily Discover task is usually easy. Swagbucks UK however does not have as many Discover opportunities as its US counterpart. Sometimes Discover offer walls do not have any quick and easy tasks which you can use.

Most of the time you can find a simple Flight search offer for 1 SB, or watch a video. These offers do change over time.


Daily Goals

Every day Swagbucks gives you two Daily Goals. Reaching each one qualifies you for a daily bonus.

You will receive even more bonus SB by reaching your first daily goal several days in a row. The typical bonus for these ‘winning streaks’ is:

Winning StreakBonus Swagbucks
7 Days – 7 Day Star25 SB
14 Days – 14 Day Fanatic100 SB
21 Days – 21 Day Triumph200 SB
30 Days – Monthly Master300 SB

You don’t get either your daily goal bonus or the winning streak bonus straight away. You must claim the total bonuses that you have built up over a month. These can be claimed a few days into the following month. If you have put together a full monthly streak then your total bonus could be around 700 SB to 800 SB – an extra £5 on top of your earnings.

Daily Goals can get harder to reach as you build up streaks. Starting out your Daily Goal will be around 40SB, but can be upwards of 200 SB if you are doing well. Generally your Daily Goal bonuses will be higher as your target gets higher.

ESTIMATED EARNINGS: From 100 SB to 800+ SB per month

Survey Boosts

Swagbucks gives you BONUS points for completing surveys from time to time. Super-charged surveys are promoted on the homepage and in the survey section. You have a limited time to complete surveys with bonus SB. Make sure that you complete the surveys before the offer expires if you intend to take advantage!  Boosts are a fantastic way of getting to a gift card redemption more quickly.

Swagbucks shows the extra SB alongside the standard reward. in this example, the bonus is an extra 20%:

Swago Boards

Complete Swago Board

Swago is Swagbucks’ take on Bingo. Each square contains a task – mark each square off as you complete a task. A line, square or full house will give you up to 300 SB as a bonus, on top of the swagbucks that you get for completing the tasks.

See our Swago guide for how you can get the most out of the game.

Spin and Win

Swago square usually give you free spins on Swagbuck’s ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Prizes vary from between 1 and 10 SB, double SB on your next survey completion or search win, and – as is most common – free entries into one of the sweepstakes that are currently running.

You might get as many as 60 spins when after a Swago board is completed. It’s worth doing the spins, and you might just get a big win towards a gift card!

Swagbucks Rewards: what can I get – and which should I get?

Swagbucks UK has its own rewards store. You can redeem SB for a range of gift cards, PayPal payments, or credit for a pre-paid Mastercard. You can also exchange your SB for a donation to one of the listed charities – lovely if you’d like to do that, but that’s probably not why you’re here!

So which is best out of a gift card, PayPal payment and Mastercard credit? Well, it depends on your situation:

  • If you are building up a Financial Freedom Fund, then go for PayPal. The others might give you a better return for your SB, but PayPal payments can be transferred directly into your bank account. In turn, you can
  • If you use Swagbucks UK to help with your day-to-day living expenses, then the Mastercard reward is worth it. You can spend it online anywhere that you can use a Mastercard, which is pretty much anywhere! Note that you can’t spend it in a real-life store, though.
  • If you’re going to spend money at one of the online stores which gift cards are available for, then go for the gift card option. They’re usually the best value of all the rewards. Remember that stores can go out of business, though, and the cards can only be used online.

What will you spend your gift cards on?!

Sign up to Swagbucks NOW and start earning gift cards for your Christmas kitty, treats or to help with everyday living costs. Whenever you use a gift card to buy something that you’d have bought anyway, you’ll be saving CASH.

Honeygain is the Holy Grail of online earning. It’s completely passive – once set up, it will make you money in the background.

You can typically earn around £20 per month, depending upon your Internet connection. And that’s on top of any other earning that you’re doing – surveys, matched betting, or blogging.

STOP PRESS! Get $5 FREE Credit!!!

Join Honeygain today via our special button below and get $5 free credit to start you off!


What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is an app which runs on your Windows, Mac or Android device. It uses your unused Internet traffic to let businesses deliver web content and scientists do data tasks.

You’ll get paid for the amount of web traffic that the app uses – the faster your connection, the more that you’ll get paid. And you can install it on more than one device, such as your home Mac, Android phone and your work PC. Running it in more than one place will increase your earning potential.

It runs in the background and you should never notice it running. After several weeks running it hasn’t slowed down any of my devices, and hasn’t slowed down my browsing, streaming or downloads.

Honeygain claims that it will only use up unused Internet capacity, and I haven’t noticed anything to contradict this.

Is Honeygain safe?

You are right to be wary of any app which might use your Internet connection.

Honeygain stresses that it only collects the data that is needed to offer the service to its clients and to pay you. And it states that it only works with trustworthy companies – Fortune 500 companies in the USA, data scientists and others.

You are able to close the app at any time if you do not feel comfortable having it running.

How much can I earn with Honeygain?

Honeygain pays you 1 USD for every GB of your data that it uses. The amount that it uses depends upon your Internet speed, and how many devices that you have it installed on. Typically you can earn around 20p per device, per day, if running on separate Internet connections.

That means that a typical user can earn about £6 per device, per month, just for running some software in the background!  If you have a fast connection then you could earn up to a maximum of $1.50 per day – around £35 per month.

It won’t make you rich, but that’s still a nice monthly bonus for doing absolutely nothing once set up!

Sounds great! How do I get paid?

Payment is automatically made to your PayPal account once you reach $20. Currently there is no way to redeem points as vouchers or directly as cash – it must be made via PayPal. Payment is usually made within 2 working days of you reaching the $20 threshold.

If you do not use Honeygain for 6 months, then your credit will expire.

What will stop me getting paid?

Honeygain needs an Internet connection to work. If your connection drops then the app will pause until you regain your connection.

You cannot collect any credit if you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  And Honeygain will not credit you if the app is being run in a data centre.

Will Honeygain drain my battery? Will it slow my browsing down?

Honeygain runs in the background on your phone. Typically it will use about 5% of your battery during a day.

As it only used your background Internet connection, it shouldn’t slow down your browsing.

Start Earning Today!

Honeygain won’t make you rich, but can help top up your income by up to £20 per month.

And if you join via our special button below, you’ll get a FREE $5 bonus credit to start off with!


Is Swagbucks still worth it in the UK?

Over time it’s become harder to earn money with Swagbucks UK. The days of being able to earn £30 per month by just running videos on your phone are long-gone. Easy wins, such as auto-repeating NCrave videos and dozens of video playlists earning 3SB a time are no more.

Reports from the USA suggest that Swagbucks isn’t quite as good as it once was. They are still much more generous over there, though.

Is Swagbucks still worth it?

With all this in mind, is Swagbucks UK worth sticking with? We think that for 5 types of people it is. Read on to see if you should should persevere with it.

You’re starting out from nothing

Anyone over the age of 16 can get started with Swagbucks – all that you need is a computer or smartphone. That makes it very accessible – you don’t need to have a blog, capital to buy goods to resell, or cash to start out with Matched Betting.

Even if you don’t plan on doing Swagbucks in the long-run, it’s a way of generating cash. You might even do Swagbucks with a view to getting together a £100 fund to start blogging, reselling or matched betting.

You’ve not already got a Swagbucks account

Swagbucks is more generous with new users.

When you register via our special button you’ll get a bonus 300 SB when you earn 300 SB in your first month.

New users can work their way through various offers which can only be done once. You can also be given lots of bonus points when you complete some tasks, such as adding a browser extension, for the first time.

[mks_button size=”medium” title=”Get an extra 300 SB FREE when you join Swagbucks today!” style=”rounded” url=”http://cashpie.co.uk/go-sb” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#FE6D03 ” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”” icon_type=”” nofollow=”1″]

You need cash quickly

Whilst Swagbucks can be hard work, it is possible to gain points quickly. Once you’ve reached around 800 SB you can redeem them for a gift voucher, PayPal cash, or an online Mastercard.

Typically it takes a few days for your reward to be processed. All in, it’s a lot faster than waiting to hit a £40 or £50 payout threshold with some other survey sites.

You want to earn in downtime

Swagbucks can make dead time productive! Whether you are waiting for a pan to boil, on the bus, or – ahem – visiting the little boy’s or girl’s room, you can earn a few extra swagbucks. Doing a survey here, playing a few rounds of Swagasaurus Run there – it won’t make you rich but it adds up.

You like Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is a fairly fun, upbeat site. If you enjoy doing little tasks, reaching targets and playing games, then Swagbucks will reward you for your time.

Is this case there’s no downside!

Other ways of earning money online

Swagbucks isn’t for everyone.

If you have a marketable skill, such as graphic design or translation, then you may be better freelancing.

Those with a small fund to invest, of even just £100,

If you’ve already built up a portfolio of different survey sites and other online earning sources, then Swagbucks is unlikely to be high on your list to do.

And if you are willing to play a longer game, then setting up a blog is likely to yield far higher long-term results.

Blog marketing is a win-win for you and your readers.  Marketing is not a dirty word. That’s right: it’s not the art of being shady, spammy and deceitful. Marketers aren’t just spammers and sellers of tat that we didn’t need to buy.

OK, so there are some bad marketers and some bad marketing practices. But marketing is doing right by your audience in a way that you can benefit from too.

And ‘promotion’ — what we think of most about marketing — is perhaps only 5% of what marketing is.

Here’s the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM) definition of marketing:

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

And here’s how the American Marketing Association defines it:

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Blog Marketing in practice

You might think that the definitions are a bit too ‘corporate’. But your blog is a business and you are the manager.

Translating the definitions from corporate-speak, you want to give your audience what they need (and make some money in the process)

We can break the CIM definition down further and apply it to blogging.

Identify customer needs

This is about getting to know your audience. You’re doing your own market research. Bloggers do this using keyword research.

Who is your target audience? Is it big enough? What words are they likely to search for, and what words are likely to connect with them?

We’ll cover keyword research in another post, but there are both free and paid ways to do this.

Anticipate customer needs

This is trickier, but is about taking an educated guess about what your audience will want.  I’m guessing that people interested in my Blogging Essentials: Domain Names and Web Hosting post will be interested in a marketing approach to blogging.  An allotment blog owner might anticipate that readers will want winter job tips in the colder months.

Satisfy customer needs

So you think you know what your audience wants? Now it’s about the execution!

For bloggers, this is about writing compelling, useful content. At the very least it must answer the questions that your readers have.

Your audience can’t be satisfied if they can’t find your blog, so an awareness of SEO is essential. You text should read and flow well. Subheadings can help your readers scan through longer posts more easily.

Sometimes the customer isn’t just the reader. If you’re running affiliate campaigns then you must also satisfy the programme’s needs. An Internet user called ‘blue_beetle’ once cynically said “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold“. It’s true that bloggers rely on advertising working on readers. However, readers aren’t simply products: they are part of a three-way exchange in which all parties benefit.


Ah, profit. No matter how good your writing you won’t make any money without a plan. You’ll be like the underpants gnomes in South Park!

It’s a horrible phrase but think about how you’ll ‘monetise’ your blog. You can either take a broad approach to monetising your entire blog, or concentrate on maximising return from each individual blog post. Sometimes individual blog posts can bring in visitors which you can then promote your more in-depth money-making posts.

There are several ways to do this. You could charge for the content in a course or membership. Popular posts bolster your stats (and attract sponsored post opportunities). You can add appropriate affiliate links to the post. General advertising networks, such as Google Adsense, could provide you with a trickle of income. You could use your blog to promote other paid services or products that you’ve created.

Don’t feel coy about promoting to visitors. Your audience is looking for answers and your products and services could help answer them.

Don’t like the idea of blog marketing? An alternative approach

You could blog from the heart without thinking about your potential audience’s needs.

There’s nothing wrong with that – but you’re writing for yourself rather than for an intended audience.

You might be lucky and just chime with your audience – but then again you might not.

If you’ve never built a website before you’ve probably never thought about what goes on beneath the bonnet, including domain names and web hosting,.  We explain what these are and why you need them to set up a blog.


Web Hosting

Websites are made up of text, images, code and sometimes audio and video. All this stuff needs to be stored on a computer, which is accessible to the web.

In theory you could run a website off your own home computer. But that’s a bad idea, even if you’re geeky enough to understand it. You’ll end up doing more technical setup and maintenance than blogging!  The cost of setting up at home would also be far greater, and your site would be slower.

A web host stores your website files and makes them accessible. They’re hosted in data centres with mega-fast and resilient Internet connections which can handle lots of visitors at once.

If your website was a house, then your web host would be the land on which it’s built, along with the pipes and wires which come to it.

Web hosting is available in many forms, from bargain-basement cheap hosting, to entire servers which you rent. You can pay monthly, or often yearly for extras savings. I’ll explore what to look for in another post.

Domain Names

Devices connected to the Internet all have unique identifiers called ‘IP addresses’ so that they can talk to each other. These look something like this:

IP addresses make it easy for computers to talk to each other, but it’s quite confusing for people! 

Domain names were invented to get around this problem, and make the Web easier to use. IP addresses can be assigned to domain names, so that people can use the friendly names instead of the numerical addresses.

The domain name for this website is:


It can be used in several ways, including in web page addresses:


…or in email addresses:


If your website was a house, and the web host the plot of land on which it sits, then your domain name would be the house name or number. That’s far better than “the house on the corner just before you get to the crossroads”!

You can attach your domain name to your website and email for as long as you have it registered.  A domain name is therefore essential for your new website.

The most common domain names for UK-based sites end with either .co.uk or .com and typically cost around £10 per year. You need to ‘register’ a domain name (i.e. reserve it for your own use), and you can keep it registered for as long as you like, provided that you pay your annual renewal fee and don’t break the rules.

Setting up your blog – Domain names and web hosting

Domain names and web hosting are essential for any website to succeed. Come back soon to read the next in our “Blogging Essentials” series on how to set up a blog.


The 80/20 rule (officially called the Pareto Principle) states that 80% of all effects come from around 20% of the causes. The idea behind this rule is that it can be applied to basically any field. In business, the Pareto Principle states that 80% of all your profit is going to come from 20% of your products.

It also means that 80% of all work is done by 20% of employees. It can apply to basically any field that you can think of, including sports, maths, healthcare, and fitness. In this article, we are going to look at how the 80/20 rule can be applied in various fields to give you a better understanding of the principle as a whole.

80/20 Rule Applied

In Healthcare

The 80/20 rule can definitely be seen in healthcare. As a general rule of thumb, 80% of all healthcare resources will go to helping 20% of all patients. Those 20% of patients are typically the elderly or those with persistent health issues who need round-the-clock care.

In Sports

In sports where analytics are king, the 80/20 rule dictates that roughly 80% of a team’s wins will be due to around 20% of their players. A baseball analyst applied the concept to baseball and found that: “So 15% of the all the players last year produced 85% of the total wins with the other 85% of the players creating 15% of the wins.” While not exactly 80/20, it does show how the general principle can be applied in real life.

In Fitness

By now, you can probably guess how the 80/20 rule will apply in the world of fitness. Roughly 80% of your weight loss or 80% of your muscle gain can be attributed to roughly 20% of your exercises. Because of this, many fitness experts actually recommend against using varied routines, instead, they advocate for focusing on simple routines that contain a few effective exercises.

How Can The 80/20 Rule Help You?

The 80/20 rule, once you understand it, can be used to help make various aspects of your life more efficient. For example, when trying to balance your budget, you can save yourself time by identifying the 20% of expenses that make up 80% of your monthly bills instead of going through every single expense.

When prioritising the work that you do, focus upon the 20% which is likely to bring in 80% of earnings. That probably means doing fewer Swagbucks surveys in favour of Matched Betting or writing blog posts!

So, now that you know about the 80/20 rule, see how it can be applied to your life.



Image Credit: Atti Vitosi.

Swagbucking into 2020 already?!  Autumn is well and truly upon us and Christmas and the New Year will soon be here. As the nights draw in it’s time to look at how you can maximise your Swagbucks UK earnings – with minimal effort.

Not already a Swagbucks member? Join NOW and start earning!

Is Swagbucks still worth it in 2020?

Yes – but only if you play it smart. It’s true that the days of getting around £30 per month for little more than running a few videos on your phone are gone, but easy money is still there for the taking.

Concentrate on things which will give you a quick reward, and on things which contribute towards a bigger reward.

For example, surveys aren’t always worth it – but can be if you have a ‘swag up’ applied which gives you a 25% bonus. Earnings from videos are lower than they used to be, but can help you mark off that last Swago square. And the thought of playing a few rounds of Swagasaurus Run might make your mind go numb, but it could help tip you over your Daily Goal, and keep your monthly winning streak going. Sometimes it’s about the bigger earnings, not just what you get for a particular task.

There are also some quick wins with big rewards. If you’re going to buy something online then see if you can get some cashback via Swagbucks. Don’t forget to factor in reaching your Daily Goal and keeping your monthly winning streak going if you’re comparing rates to TopCashBack or Quidco.

Create a Daily Swagbucks Routine

Swagbucking into 2020 can be a big time-suck if you’re not organised. Combat this by coming up with a daily routine to identify and maximise opportunities. Here’s what I tend to do:

  • Start Swagbucks Toolbar Watch in the background
  • Get Swagbucks mobile apps running
  • Start HideOut.TV running (I have 2 monitors so this is easier!)
  • Run through the ‘To Do’ list – more about this below
  • Check for special events. These might include a Swago board, Team Challenge, Swagbucks Code Day (where you might make 40 SB or so just off codes!), or limited-time Swag Ups (such as bonuses on survey completions).
  • Check for Surveys. I don’t attempt all surveys, or even just the ones with a high SB reward – instead, I look at the ‘SB per minute’ rate. For example, I  would turn down a 75SB survey which would take 40 minutes (under 2 SB per minute), but I might attempt a 25SB survey taking 3 minutes (over 8 SB per minute).
  • If I’m just a few SB short of my daily target or from redeeming a gift voucher, I might play a few rounds of Swagasuarus Run. I wouldn’t normally play it otherwise.
  • If I’m buying something online I’ll check if I can get cashback
  • Every now and again I’ll see if there are any Discover tasks worth doing (e.g. a free trial).

Your core routine will probably only take 20 minutes  or so, although you may spend more time switching mobile apps, for example. You might identify other opportunities which will take longer.

Fast Shop Rewards as you’re Swagbucking into 2020

Swagbucks Shop is a great way to get high value rewards for a low time investment. These add just seconds to your shopping time, but give big rewards:

  • If you’re booking a hotel room then why not do it via the Booking.com or Expedia offers on Swagbucks and get a few £££ cashback?
  • Consider taking out a free Tidal trial – you’ll get a massive 500SB reward – and see if you prefer it to Spotify (just don’t forget to cancel the trial if you don’t want to start paying).
  • If you normally shop with Ocado then give Asda or Tesco a whirl for a week and enjoy the cashback rewards. Get cashback for Iceland and get £6.50 off your first shop too.
  • Get cashback on Christmas and Birthday present shopping! Whether it’s Argos, Boots or The White Company, you’ll be sure to find cashback for your gift shopping.
  • Travelling? Book your Avis or RentalCars car via Swagbucks for extra rewards. See if Sunshine.co.uk’s Swagbucks offer will make your next holiday even sweeter.
  • Hungry? You can even get cashback for Just Eat and Dominoes! If you’re trying to eat healthier food then be rewarded for your first HelloFresh recipe box, or snack on healthier fruit and nuts with Graze.

You may need to wait a while for cashback to be tracked and paid to your account, but Shop can be a great way of getting high Swagbucks rewards for little effort.

Swagbucks UK To-Do List

The To-Do list is high on my daily routine as I’m swagbucking into 2020 for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the tasks are usually quick to do, and can often be done as background tasks. Rewards for individual tasks are usually low. The reward for completing the list (or even being just 1 step short) usually makes it worthwhile, however.

Secondly, it forces me to click through to different sections on the site. That helps me find offers which I might have otherwise missed.

TOP TIP: the Discover list item is sometimes tricky to tick off. The easiest way to do this (at the time of writing) is to go to Adscend Media, and play the ‘Creator a Day’ videos in Hideout.TV. OfferToro often has flight comparison rewards which take just a few clicks, too.



Hideout.tv is one of the latest changes to how you can earn using Swagbucks UK.

The way that you can earn with Swagbucks UK is constantly evolving as its offer partners change. Hideout.tv is a partner of the ‘AdscendMedia’ offerwall , and gives you Swagbucks just for watching videos! It’s a great way to earn that all-important ‘Discover’ tick in your To-do list, and nudge you closer to your daily target.

Registering a Hideout.tv account

Recently Hideout.tv changed so that you need to register with them before you start earning with them. This is easy to do.

If you haven’t done so already, go to Swagbucks UK and register an account. Browse to ‘Discover’, then ‘AdscendMedia’ (under ‘Sponsored Offers’).

Above the main offers you’ll see a carousel of video channels – Food, Music, etc. Click on one of these, then click the green button which appears:

Hideout.tv - registering within Swagbucks


Hideout.tv will open in a new window. Under the video a “Notice to our OfferWall Viewers” will appear – click the sign up link and follow the instructions.

Hideout.tv's registration link

You’ll need to supply a username, password, and email address: we suggest that you use a different password as to your Swagbucks account. You will receive a verification email – click on the link to verify your address.

Once you’ve verified your email, log in. A message should appear to tell you that your Hideaway.tv account has been linked with your Swagbucks account.

Watch Hideaway.tv Videos and Earn

Make sire that you log into Hideaway.tv when you visit from the AdscendMedia offerwall. You should then be able to watch videos and accrue swagbucks as a reward.

You typically need to watch 6 videos to earn 1 swagbuck, and you must make sure that you click the ‘are you still watching’ button which appears every now and again.

‘Cashing out’ from Hideaway.tv to AdscendMedia and Swagbucks

Your swagbucks are accrued in Hideaway.tv. You must ‘cashout’ to AdscendMedia by clicking the Cashout button. Your swagbucks will then be credited to your account.


Swagbucks Search Phrases – October 2019 Update

Here are some more phrases which may help you get Swagbucks search wins.  Just click on the links whilst you’re logged in and see if you win any Swagbucks.

Not already earning with Swagbucks? Read Swagbucks UK: The ultimate guide to earning CASH or VOUCHERS with Swagbucks and join today!

Halloween Specials

Swagbucks Search win for Happy Halloween!

Swagbucks Search win for Happy Halloween!

Other Recent Swagbucks Search Winners

September 2019

August 2019

July 2019

Other Swagbucks Search Wins That You Can Try

Yesterday we gave you dozens of Swagbucks search links which may or may not have helped you get some search wins.

Today we have even more – and they’re all phrases that are common in the UK. So put on the kettle and grab your brolly – this isn’t your bog-standard Swagbucks post!

a few sandwiches short of a picnic


bagsy that

thats the bees knees

go on a bender

pull a blinder

bleeding hell

bloody hell

bobs your uncle

bog standard

botch job

grab the brolly

budge up

take a butchers

cack handed

cheeky monkey

chinese whispers

good old chinwag

its chockablock in here

im chuffed

what a load of codswallop

costs an absolute bomb

absolute boy

cream crackered

curtain twitcher

dogs dinner

what a faff

full of beans old chap

party at my gaff

old geezer

leg it

dreaded lurgy

over egg the pudding

about par

pear shaped

pea souper

pinch punch first of the month


Let us know whether you get any Swagbucks search wins from our list! Don’t forget that there are many more ways to earn with Swagbucks – take a look at our enormous 2595 word guide!

Swagbucks Search is a great way to get the few extra Swagbucks that you need to reach your daily target or amount that you need to grab a gift voucher. But search wins can be infuriating to get – sometimes you just can’t think what random phrase to search for to get that next win!

Cash Pie is here to help you out. Try clicking on these phrases to see if you can get that elusive Swagbucks search win. They should open in a new window or tab, so you can close the tab and try another if you aren’t successful.

Don’t forget to pace your clicks. Too many in a short time and you might get that dreaded “you’re searching too fast” message!

Finally, let us know below if any of these work for you, or what searches do work.

Swagbucks Search links – try these for wins!

A blessing in disguise

A dime a dozen

Beat around the bush

Better late than never

Bite the bullet

Break a leg

Call it a day

Cut somebody some slack

Cutting corners

Easy does it

Get out of hand

Get something out of your system

Get your act together

Give someone the benefit of the doubt

Go back to the drawing board

Hang in there

Hit the sack

It’s not rocket science

Let someone off the hook

Make a long story short

Miss the boat

No pain, no gain

On the ball

Pull someone’s leg

Pull yourself together

So far so good

Speak of the devil

That’s the last straw

The best of both worlds

Time flies when you’re having fun

To get bent out of shape

To make matters worse

Under the weather

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it

Wrap your head around something

You can say that again

Your guess is as good as mine

oooh jeremy corbyn