Organise Your Online Money Making With Browser Profiles

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You could be forgiven for becoming frustrated whilst juggling your online money making, especially if you pursue multiple income streams. With so many ways of earning online – from matched betting to blogging and selling services & products – it’s hard to keep track and easy to become distracted. Chrome’s Browser Profiles are one way to keep on top of tasks.

Browser Profiles as toolkits

Browser Profiles in Google Chrome are designed so that different people can use Chrome without interfering with each other. As an online earner you have many jobs – a blogger, matched bettor and surveyor, for example. As you switch between jobs you need to take one hat off and put on another – you might take your ‘blogger’ hat off and don your ‘matched bettor’ hat.

You can set up Browser Profiles to act as toolkits for each of your ‘jobs’. Each profile would include its own set of default pages when opened, it’s own history and it’s own set of saved passwords. Think of each page that you use whilst matched betting as a tool, and you’ll soon be able to build up your toolkit.

Toolkit for Matched Betting

  • Oddsmonkey, or another matched betting srervice
  • Trickybet, for advanced calculations
  • Your betting exchanges – Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbook
  • Your commonly-used bookies, such as Skybet, William Hill or Bet365

Toolkit for Blogging

Your toolkit for blogging would be very different, and might include:

  • your blog admin
  • home page of your blog
  • MOZ open site explorer
  • Google Analytics
  • blogging/writing Facebook group(s)
  • SEO tools (such as MOZ, Majestic or SearchMetrics)
  • social media promotion tools (such as Buffer, Tweetdeck, Instagram and Pinterest)

Browser Profile Toolkits for… EVERYTHING!

Your browser profile toolkits should cover what YOU use to make money (or just in life generally). They provide a distraction-free way of focusing on one task at a time – essential if you want to Get Things Done.

How to set up Browser Profiles in Google Chrome

Setting up browser profiles in Chrome is easy! Just follow our step-by-step guide below.

  • press the button in the top right corner, just left of the minimise button
  • choose ‘Manage People’
  • click ‘ADD PERSON’ in the bottom-right of the window which will appear
  • type in the name of your profile – you’ll want to enter the name of your ‘toolkit’ here, instead of someone’s name
  • choose an avatar – this makes it easier to switch between profiles
  • keep ‘Create a desktop shortcut for this profile’ ticked if you would like a desktop shortcut – otherwise untick it
  • click the blue ‘Add’ button

Voila! You’ve set up a browser profile!

Add commonly used tools for your Browser Profile

Customise your browser profiles, otherwise you’ll just have an empty toolbox!

Once you’ve created a profile, open pages related to that activity in individual tabs (and/or windows).


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