Cash Pie – Why we focus on making money, not saving money

Cash Pie focuses on ways that you can make more money. Unlike many other blogs and websites, we don’t have many articles on money saving or ways to protect your wealth. We’re not covering personal finance in that way.

Saving money has its limits

Martin Lewis and the team at MoneySavingExpert have a great ‘Money Makeover’ guide, which almost everyone should follow. A day spent getting your (financial) house in order could be worth £1000 over the next year. That might help pay for a holiday, give you a bit extra to put in a savings account, or just make juggling monthly bills that little bit easier. If you’ve not followed the guide then plan in some time to do it!

What next, though? Once you’ve cut your household costs, debt costs, personal bills and checked whether you’re eligible for extra money, there’s not much more that you can squeeze without reducing your quality of life.

Once you’ve made easy adjustments to your outgoings, the savings become harder to make. There are too many fixed costs which, whilst you can reduce a bit,  you still have to pay – your mortgage or rent payments, tax, travel, household expenses and so on.

Making money has no limits

The only limits on how much money you can make is the time and effort that you put in, how smart you work, and a smidgen of luck.

Once you have identified and honed ways to add value (and charge for it), you can often let others do the work either through outsourcing or employing someone. Don’t want to do that? Spend some of your time finding how to squeeze more value and to automate aspects of what you do, thus creating more time for money making.

Make the shift from being a money saver to money maker with Cash Pie

Cash Pie helps you to make more money, rather than spend less. We want you to have a bigger slice of the pie!

The only limits to how much money you can make are your time, effort and imagination. Start small, but think big – how are you going to get to a place where you are better off?

Don’t let a lack of money to start with put you off. It’s easy to get together a ‘financial freedom fund‘ to start off with – it’ll take a few weeks, but then your earning potential should increase.




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