WordPress: Five reasons why you should choose it for your blog

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With many blog services such as Wix and Blogger out there, you might be wondering why you should bother setting up your blog using WordPress. It’s a good question – after all, one of these other services will get you up and running in no time.

Before we go on, let’s clear up a common confusion for newbies – the difference between the two versions. WordPress.com is a website hosted by Automattic, the software’s creators, and you could have your blog up and running quickly. However, you are bound by their rules and do no have as much flexibility as you might need – especially as your blog grows.

The other option is WordPress.org, where you’ll need to find your own hosting and set up your own site. This is more work than using the other version, but it means you own your site and you have much more flexibility with what you can do.

We’ll be looking at WordPress.org in these 5 reasons why you should choose it.

WordPress is Flexible

Screenshot of a customisable WordPress theme

You can easily create a blog in your style using a huge selection of free or paid-for themes and plugins. And you can usually customise themes further to truly make your blog your own.

There are even more advanced plugins such as WooCommerce, should you wish to sell online.

It is absolutely free

WordPress is open source, which means you can download it for free. You will need to pay for your hosting, and some of the themes and plugins have a price tag too, but setting up a blog isn’t going to cost you much at all.

Even if you pay someone to set up your site for you, updating your site will be cheap because you’ll be able to do most of it, if not all of it, yourself.

It’s easy to maintain

Screenshot showing a WordPress installation which is up to date

WordPress makes maintenance easy. Backup plugins can make regular copies of your site should the worst happen. Security plugins cab help keep intruders out of your site. The dashboard even tells you when an update is due, and can apply updates automatically.

WordPress is excellent for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

WordPress is great for search engine optimisation (SEO). Its creators make it as easy as possible for both search engines and visitors to find information on your site. There are SEO plugins which can help you optimise the content of your blog posts and pages.

There is a great support community

There’s a huge community that’s happy to answer your questions. You will be able to find an expert either locally or online, should you need one.

So as you can see, WordPress really is a great choice for your website.

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