Is Swagbucks still worth it in the UK? [Yes – it can be!]

Is Swagbucks still worth it in the UK?

Over time it’s become harder to earn money with Swagbucks UK. The days of being able to earn £30 per month by just running videos on your phone are long-gone. Easy wins, such as auto-repeating NCrave videos and dozens of video playlists earning 3SB a time are no more.

Reports from the USA suggest that Swagbucks isn’t quite as good as it once was. They are still much more generous over there, though.

Is Swagbucks still worth it?

With all this in mind, is Swagbucks UK worth sticking with? We think that for 5 types of people it is. Read on to see if you should should persevere with it.

You’re starting out from nothing

Anyone over the age of 16 can get started with Swagbucks – all that you need is a computer or smartphone. That makes it very accessible – you don’t need to have a blog, capital to buy goods to resell, or cash to start out with Matched Betting.

Even if you don’t plan on doing Swagbucks in the long-run, it’s a way of generating cash. You might even do Swagbucks with a view to getting together a £100 fund to start blogging, reselling or matched betting.

You’ve not already got a Swagbucks account

Swagbucks is more generous with new users.

When you register via our special button you’ll get a bonus 300 SB when you earn 300 SB in your first month.

New users can work their way through various offers which can only be done once. You can also be given lots of bonus points when you complete some tasks, such as adding a browser extension, for the first time.

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You need cash quickly

Whilst Swagbucks can be hard work, it is possible to gain points quickly. Once you’ve reached around 800 SB you can redeem them for a gift voucher, PayPal cash, or an online Mastercard.

Typically it takes a few days for your reward to be processed. All in, it’s a lot faster than waiting to hit a £40 or £50 payout threshold with some other survey sites.

You want to earn in downtime

Swagbucks can make dead time productive! Whether you are waiting for a pan to boil, on the bus, or – ahem – visiting the little boy’s or girl’s room, you can earn a few extra swagbucks. Doing a survey here, playing a few rounds of Swagasaurus Run there – it won’t make you rich but it adds up.

You like Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is a fairly fun, upbeat site. If you enjoy doing little tasks, reaching targets and playing games, then Swagbucks will reward you for your time.

Is this case there’s no downside!

Other ways of earning money online

Swagbucks isn’t for everyone.

If you have a marketable skill, such as graphic design or translation, then you may be better freelancing.

Those with a small fund to invest, of even just £100,

If you’ve already built up a portfolio of different survey sites and other online earning sources, then Swagbucks is unlikely to be high on your list to do.

And if you are willing to play a longer game, then setting up a blog is likely to yield far higher long-term results.

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