Qmee – Get Paid to Search

Qmee search results

Qmee provides a browser add-on which displays adverts when you make eligible searches.  You get rewarded for clicking on these advert – typically between 4p and 8p per click.

Adverts are normally displayed when you search for high-value retail goods, such as white goods, TVs or games consoles. Adverts are only displayed on a selection of websites, including Google, Argos and Currys PC World.

You can typically earn an average of 10p to 15p per day.

Qmee also offers surveys. These typically pay around 20p for 10 minutes, so probably not worth your time.

How do I get paid?

You can get paid in cash, via PayPal, or by saving your earnings and redeeming a gift card for Amazon, Starbucks, or iTunes. Amazon and Starbucks gift cards start at £5, and iTunes gifts cards start at £10.

There is no payment threshold which you must reach before cashing out to PayPal. You have no incentive to

Is Qmee worth it?

We think so. Your won’t earn much, but it’s very quick to do each. Your effective pay per hour is £7, and you could earn £50 or so over a year.

Qmee is definitely worth doing as you build up a start-up fund. Cash can be released instantly. It is ideal for helping you build up your initial matched betting float or blog hosting fees.

I don’t want another browser extension!

Nor me! Create a new Chrome User Profile just for installing the Qmee extension. When you’re going about your usual business Qmee won’t affect you.

Sign up today for a free 50p bonus!

We’ve managed to blag you a 50p bonus when you sign up via our exclusive link and cash out to PayPal for the first time.

Just click the button below, sign up and follow the instructions. When you cash out to your PayPal account you should receive a 50p bonus to your Qmee balance.

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