Would you Sell Your Soul for Money?

Would you sell your soul for a fiver?

I’m always looking out for different ways to earn money online but I won’t be taking this one up!

Demonical.com is a bit like eBay for your eternal soul, and lets you put your soul up for sale. You agree to be erased from the Book of Life and entered into the eternal Book of Death!

Oscar Wilde wrote of soul-selling in The Picture of Dorian Gray. The protagonist sold his soul in return for remaining forever young while his portrait aged with every sin that he committed. Dorian deeply regretted his trade as he continued his hedonistic life, finally destroying the picture (and himself) in an attempt to finally absolve himself of his double-life.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is an allegory of the delusion of aesthetic beauty. You might think that selling your soul is an allegory for the delusion of income at all costs! If you do want to sell your soul then take a look here:


It’s perhaps a reminder that we shouldn’t be willing to do anything for money – including a 30 minute survey for 15p! Make sure that you get value for your time, even with sites like Swagbucks.



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