Swagbucking into 2020! Maximise earnings in 2020.

Swagbucking into 2020 already?!  Autumn is well and truly upon us and Christmas and the New Year will soon be here. As the nights draw in it’s time to look at how you can maximise your Swagbucks UK earnings – with minimal effort.

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Is Swagbucks still worth it in 2020?

Yes – but only if you play it smart. It’s true that the days of getting around £30 per month for little more than running a few videos on your phone are gone, but easy money is still there for the taking.

Concentrate on things which will give you a quick reward, and on things which contribute towards a bigger reward.

For example, surveys aren’t always worth it – but can be if you have a ‘swag up’ applied which gives you a 25% bonus. Earnings from videos are lower than they used to be, but can help you mark off that last Swago square. And the thought of playing a few rounds of Swagasaurus Run might make your mind go numb, but it could help tip you over your Daily Goal, and keep your monthly winning streak going. Sometimes it’s about the bigger earnings, not just what you get for a particular task.

There are also some quick wins with big rewards. If you’re going to buy something online then see if you can get some cashback via Swagbucks. Don’t forget to factor in reaching your Daily Goal and keeping your monthly winning streak going if you’re comparing rates to TopCashBack or Quidco.

Create a Daily Swagbucks Routine

Swagbucking into 2020 can be a big time-suck if you’re not organised. Combat this by coming up with a daily routine to identify and maximise opportunities. Here’s what I tend to do:

  • Start Swagbucks Toolbar Watch in the background
  • Get Swagbucks mobile apps running
  • Start HideOut.TV running (I have 2 monitors so this is easier!)
  • Run through the ‘To Do’ list – more about this below
  • Check for special events. These might include a Swago board, Team Challenge, Swagbucks Code Day (where you might make 40 SB or so just off codes!), or limited-time Swag Ups (such as bonuses on survey completions).
  • Check for Surveys. I don’t attempt all surveys, or even just the ones with a high SB reward – instead, I look at the ‘SB per minute’ rate. For example, I  would turn down a 75SB survey which would take 40 minutes (under 2 SB per minute), but I might attempt a 25SB survey taking 3 minutes (over 8 SB per minute).
  • If I’m just a few SB short of my daily target or from redeeming a gift voucher, I might play a few rounds of Swagasuarus Run. I wouldn’t normally play it otherwise.
  • If I’m buying something online I’ll check if I can get cashback
  • Every now and again I’ll see if there are any Discover tasks worth doing (e.g. a free trial).

Your core routine will probably only take 20 minutes  or so, although you may spend more time switching mobile apps, for example. You might identify other opportunities which will take longer.

Fast Shop Rewards as you’re Swagbucking into 2020

Swagbucks Shop is a great way to get high value rewards for a low time investment. These add just seconds to your shopping time, but give big rewards:

  • If you’re booking a hotel room then why not do it via the Booking.com or Expedia offers on Swagbucks and get a few £££ cashback?
  • Consider taking out a free Tidal trial – you’ll get a massive 500SB reward – and see if you prefer it to Spotify (just don’t forget to cancel the trial if you don’t want to start paying).
  • If you normally shop with Ocado then give Asda or Tesco a whirl for a week and enjoy the cashback rewards. Get cashback for Iceland and get £6.50 off your first shop too.
  • Get cashback on Christmas and Birthday present shopping! Whether it’s Argos, Boots or The White Company, you’ll be sure to find cashback for your gift shopping.
  • Travelling? Book your Avis or RentalCars car via Swagbucks for extra rewards. See if Sunshine.co.uk’s Swagbucks offer will make your next holiday even sweeter.
  • Hungry? You can even get cashback for Just Eat and Dominoes! If you’re trying to eat healthier food then be rewarded for your first HelloFresh recipe box, or snack on healthier fruit and nuts with Graze.

You may need to wait a while for cashback to be tracked and paid to your account, but Shop can be a great way of getting high Swagbucks rewards for little effort.

Swagbucks UK To-Do List

The To-Do list is high on my daily routine as I’m swagbucking into 2020 for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the tasks are usually quick to do, and can often be done as background tasks. Rewards for individual tasks are usually low. The reward for completing the list (or even being just 1 step short) usually makes it worthwhile, however.

Secondly, it forces me to click through to different sections on the site. That helps me find offers which I might have otherwise missed.

TOP TIP: the Discover list item is sometimes tricky to tick off. The easiest way to do this (at the time of writing) is to go to Adscend Media, and play the ‘Creator a Day’ videos in Hideout.TV. OfferToro often has flight comparison rewards which take just a few clicks, too.



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