More Swagbucks Search Links: UK Phrases

Swagbucks Search Phrases – October 2019 Update

Here are some more phrases which may help you get Swagbucks search wins.  Just click on the links whilst you’re logged in and see if you win any Swagbucks.

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Swagbucks Search win for Happy Halloween!

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Other Swagbucks Search Wins That You Can Try

Yesterday we gave you dozens of Swagbucks search links which may or may not have helped you get some search wins.

Today we have even more – and they’re all phrases that are common in the UK. So put on the kettle and grab your brolly – this isn’t your bog-standard Swagbucks post!

a few sandwiches short of a picnic


bagsy that

thats the bees knees

go on a bender

pull a blinder

bleeding hell

bloody hell

bobs your uncle

bog standard

botch job

grab the brolly

budge up

take a butchers

cack handed

cheeky monkey

chinese whispers

good old chinwag

its chockablock in here

im chuffed

what a load of codswallop

costs an absolute bomb

absolute boy

cream crackered

curtain twitcher

dogs dinner

what a faff

full of beans old chap

party at my gaff

old geezer

leg it

dreaded lurgy

over egg the pudding

about par

pear shaped

pea souper

pinch punch first of the month


Let us know whether you get any Swagbucks search wins from our list! Don’t forget that there are many more ways to earn with Swagbucks – take a look at our enormous 2595 word guide!

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