Swagbucks Search Links: Try These To Gain Extra Swagbucks!

Swagbucks Search is a great way to get the few extra Swagbucks that you need to reach your daily target or amount that you need to grab a gift voucher. But search wins can be infuriating to get – sometimes you just can’t think what random phrase to search for to get that next win!

Cash Pie is here to help you out. Try clicking on these phrases to see if you can get that elusive Swagbucks search win. They should open in a new window or tab, so you can close the tab and try another if you aren’t successful.

Don’t forget to pace your clicks. Too many in a short time and you might get that dreaded “you’re searching too fast” message!

Finally, let us know below if any of these work for you, or what searches do work.

Swagbucks Search links – try these for wins!

A blessing in disguise

A dime a dozen

Beat around the bush

Better late than never

Bite the bullet

Break a leg

Call it a day

Cut somebody some slack

Cutting corners

Easy does it

Get out of hand

Get something out of your system

Get your act together

Give someone the benefit of the doubt

Go back to the drawing board

Hang in there

Hit the sack

It’s not rocket science

Let someone off the hook

Make a long story short

Miss the boat

No pain, no gain

On the ball

Pull someone’s leg

Pull yourself together

So far so good

Speak of the devil

That’s the last straw

The best of both worlds

Time flies when you’re having fun

To get bent out of shape

To make matters worse

Under the weather

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it

Wrap your head around something

You can say that again

Your guess is as good as mine

oooh jeremy corbyn

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